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MindSoft provides professional mobile app development services for clients worldwide. Our engineers have all the expertise to build a powerful solution. Let’s start collaborating!

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How We Create Your Software

1. Research

Each project in our mobile development services starts with the discovery phase. During this stage, you fill in our brief to provide all the information regarding the project. Then our team analyzes the market and estimates the difficulty of your request.

2. Planning

Once all data is gathered, the specialists provide a quote and set deadlines for each stage. Our app development services cover a vast range of software types, so we can’t give precise estimates without all info. We plan every single detail to ensure everything is considered.

3. Design

Next goes the product design. This is where you get a professional UI/UX that ensures your software is convenient for all users. Our designers follow modern trends and create powerful solutions.

4. Development

Here goes the stage of mobile app development. It’s where the magic happens. Our team uses various technologies like HTML, CSS, React Native, and React for front-end and Node.js, Express, Nest for the backend. Additionally, the devs apply their knowledge of Swift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, dynamodb, and elasticsearch. That’s still not the limit!

5. Testing

Our QA department is responsible for catching all those pesky bugs. They do their job so well that we haven’t seen one in ages! Our testers apply manual and automated testing methods to ensure your software always performs great.

6. Maintenance

Once your mobile app solution is ready, it is published. All that’s left is to maintain and update the software. We may discuss these terms in advance to ensure there are no delays in implementing new functionality. It’s time to build the application of your dreams!

Types of Apps We Build

MindSoft specializes in developing all types of mobile apps. The list includes:

  • Native

  • Cross-platform

  • Hybrid solutions

Native software is created specifically for one platform or device, while a cross-platform solution equally functions on various operating systems. Hybrid apps are similar to cross-platform ones, but they differ in terms of coding and usability.
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Develop Any Software With Us

MindSoft’s mobile app development services have a huge range of possibilities. We can create an infinite variety of products:

  • Gaming

  • Business

  • Educational

  • Entertainment

  • Etc.

Our large pool of experienced developers allows us to form the perfect team precisely for your project.
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Why Choose MindSoft?

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App Development Expertise

Our team has many experienced engineers who have created dozens of successful mobile applications. They follow modern trends and apply the best practices to ensure your app conquers the market.

Custom Approach

We develop all our mobile applications based on the client’s requirements and our expertise. You may be sure you’ll get a powerful solution that meets all your business’s needs.

We Cover All Processes

You won’t have to search for third-party specialists while working with us. MindSoft has got a large team of experts in different areas, allowing us to form complete teams for each project. It’s beneficial for both parties.

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