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Four Mobile Banking Trends in 2022

Modern banking software is all about making a user's life simpler. All actions must be available in a matter of clicks. That's how we make our software.

Multiple Features

The solution must allow the client to perform most actions without visiting a bank's department. Some features include payments, investments, live support, loans, bank statements, and others.

Integrated Payments

Cashless payments are a new trend. Users must be able to pay for utility, transportation, studying, and any other services one might think of. Additionally, you can add NFC support for contactless payments in shops.

Maximum Security

Fintech is always related to sensitive data. Developing a mobile banking application, we always ensure that it complies with modern security requirements. This includes two-step authentication, Touch ID, and other ways to protect your users' bank accounts.


What is mobile banking development without AI assistants? Having a chatbot that can answer the most frequent inquires isn’t something new anymore, it’s a must-have. Robots can help users get documents, solve issues, and contact a live specialist if needed. We always monitor Fintech software trends to bring powerful solutions for your company. Contact us now to get a quote!

Banking App Development

MindSoft is among the leading mobile banking application development companies that is well-known for its expertise and trend-setting solutions. Financial mobile app development is one of the areas our engineers know from tip to toe. We collaborate with FinTech experts to provide software with a convenient design, efficient features, and innovative technologies.

You will get a custom application based on your business's needs. It is far better than a pre-built solution because the software is tailored just for your company. Leave a request now to calculate the project's costs!

Powerful Features for Your Software

MindSoft works with baking app development for quite a while, so our team knows quite a lot about the features that make up strong solutions. Some of the tools that can be implemented in your soft are:

  • Account management

  • Payments

  • AI chatbots

  • Deposits, and multiple others

Our banking application development department has all the specialists to create an efficient and secure program. Send your request now and let's collaborate!

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Custom Solutions

We build applications that are designed specifically for your business. Your application will help the company achieve all its goals, reduce expenses, and maximize profits. Other benefits are yet to be unleashed!

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