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MindSoft provides out-of-the-box solutions and custom applications for e-commerce businesses. We support multiple integrations, add tools that solve your company's tasks, and bring innovative technologies. Enhance your sales with our individual features now!

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Main Features of an E-commerce Solution

Below are some of the tools we'll develop for your future application. Each helps you grow income and provide a better service for customers.

Content Management

You'll need a content management system (CMS) if you want to publish new products and services. The process must be fast and easy. That's how we develop our software. It's very intuitive, so your team won't have to spend hours getting used to the interface.

Order Management

Reducing the order processing time requires an order management system (OMS). This feature helps you increase accuracy, provide on-time delivery, and get a better view of your inventory. Also, MindSoft can implement and develop any other tools for maximum efficiency.

Payment Integrations

If you sell products and services, then you must think of a way to accept payments from clients. The simplest approach is integrating a payment gateway with options designed specifically for your country. Cards, e-wallets, or anything else - we can do it.

Top-Level Security

E-commerce websites are a frequent target of cyberattacks. As an online seller, you will operate sensitive user data and funds. That's why security is a priority. Our team will help you set up a firewall, get an SSL certificate, apply two-factor authentication, and develop every possible measure to prevent breaches.

Automatic Recommendations

When users browse your website, it is a great practice to provide various recommendations based on their previous visits. The options aren't selected manually. Instead, we develop an ai-algorithm that analyses your customers' activities and finds the best picks. It's a powerful option to boost sales or promote new products.

There's a Solution for Any Need!

MindSoft specializes in e-commerce development, so we can create any products your company could need. Your website and application will get all the required integrations, features, and tools.

A customized solution is beneficial for your business in all kinds of ways. Primarily, you only get the features you need. The app isn't overloaded with useless tools. Also, the e-commerce soft is optimized for your company's processes, making it a better version of any out-of-the-box solution.

Our development services will help you get a suitable application in the shortest terms. Contact us now to discuss the terms of the project!

Custom Software for Sales and Marketing

By using our applications, you unlock a ton of features that cover all e-commerce processes.

Leads Management

It's time to turn your leads into loyal customers. This is only possible with an app that tracks their journey from beginning to end. You'll be able to provide better follow-up deals, alerts and get more data for your sales team.

Process Automation

The simplest example of automation in an e-commerce business is sending emails based on users' actions. For example, if someone left the website with a full cart, you could remind them about the purchase. Many other routine actions can be automated as well!

Detailed Reports

Gather all the data presented in comprehensible graphs and statistics. This helps sales leaders find bottlenecks, apply changes, and build new strategies. Our team can develop a feature for customized reports and any kind of representation you want.

User-Friendly Interface

Save time by working with our intuitive software. Your specialists won't have to spend hours getting used to new buttons and designs. We make navigation as easy as possible, providing the best work experience for all users.

What We Can Do

MindSoft specializes in the creation of various e-commerce products. You can order the development of:

  • Platforms for B2B, B2C, and others

  • Mobile e-commerce applications

  • E-commerce websites

  • Any custom solutions

Our team completes the discovery phase and covers the project's development from scratch to a full release. As a result, you'll get an efficient solution that increases your company's income.

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