Learning Management System Development: The Perfect Solution for Education

MindSoft provides custom LMS development services for businesses, universities, and individual instructors. Our e-learning solutions will create the perfect learning experience for students together with multiple features for higher engagement and knowledge retention.

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Main Features of an LMS

Hundreds of features can be implemented in your future LMS. Choosing the right mix helps you provide the best learning experience for students.


Check your learners’ knowledge by creating various tests, polls, quizzes, questionnaires, and applying other assessment methods. This will let your estimate their progress and determine weak spots for further training.

Data tracking

Monitor your learners’ journey to understand how different materials affect their performance. This will help you improve the course and adapt it better for the audience. Again, you’ll get all data in charts and statistics.


You can add different integrations to make your LMS solution even better. Some examples are implementing Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Single sign-on technology, SharePoint, and thousands of others.

Mobile version

A mobile LMS solution makes your content more accessible for users. So everyone can learn on the go without being bound to a desktop computer. We ensure the mobile version is well-optimized for all devices

Personalized learning paths

We can apply an AI tool to determine which content to show the learner based on their previous activity. This can be a simple linear model or a complex solution that analyzes all the student’s actions. Personalization is key to efficiency!

Custom features

MindSoft is among the leading LMS development companies. Our experience allows us to implement any features in your solution. All you should do is describe what you want, and we’ll develop it.

What Is LMS Development and Why Do You Need It?

Learning management system development brings you an irreplaceable tool to support educational activities. You get a ton of features for course management, e-learning administration, data gathering, and many others.

With a learning management system app, you get all the capabilities to create powerful online courses. In addition, the software lets you track progress, create personalized learning paths, and arrange corporate training in a matter of clicks.

E-learning increases retention rates up to 60%. Using a learning management system website, you’ll get your students the perfect learning environment.

Who Needs an LMS?

A Learning Management System is the right choice for any organization that teaches students and employees.


Companies of all sizes can use an LMS for employee training. Check your team’s qualifications, prepare special courses based on their routine, and provide onboarding training. The possibilities are limitless.


Apply different methodologies with an LMS and its features. Provide high-quality courses for students and bring e-learning to a new level.


Create your own MOOCs and provide content for learners. Our LMS can help you share knowledge with a large audience in a matter of clicks.

App and Web LMS Development Services

MindSoft provides all kinds of LMS development services. Our engineers can create a mobile application or a web version – all based on your needs. We also follow modern EdTech trends and collaborate with industry experts. Thus, LMS software development is our specialty.

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