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MindSoft is a logistics software development company that provides custom transport software solutions. Our team can create an app for fleet and warehouse management, tracking, monitoring, and any other programs for your business.

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Main Features of a Logistics Application

An efficient logistic software solution combines multiple features to present a top-notch experience for its users. Below are some of the main options.

Fleet Management

Get all the information about your company’s vehicles in comprehensible charts. You will see engine status, truck location, environmental data, driver efficiency, and related intelligence. It’s all you need for effective fleet management!

Navigation Systems

Take your route planning and location tracking to the next level! We will help you build a powerful navigational system. It will include features like geofencing, turn-by-turn planning, detours, and others. Save your time and money with this app!

Warehouse Management

Monitor your inventory and plan item delivery even more efficiently. Our transportation software development services will ensure you always meet demand and estimated time of arrival.


There’s always room for improvement! However, you can’t do that without any data. Our logistics app development services always include the creation of powerful analytical tools for your solutions. Our team can add many other features based on your request. Just let us know more about your ideas!

Ready-Made Logistics Solutions

MindSoft additionally provides pre-built transportation applications for all needs. Our logistics and supply chain solutions can involve any tool you might need:

  • Integrated payments

  • Serveilliance integration

  • Warehouse and fleet management

  • ETA calculators

  • And more

It’s a unique program that will increase your company’s efficiency. As a result, you’ll get more satisfied customers, minimized time and fuel expenses, and an improved level of service.

Logistics Application Development

MindSoft is a leading logistics app development company with proven experience. We focus on tailoring powerful applications to help our customers reach their business goals. Here are some of the features your app can include:

  • Traffic management

  • Item tracking

  • Route planning

  • IoT integration

  • Unified dashboards

  • And more

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Why Choose MindSoft?

Have you made up your mind about choosing a logistics software development company? Check out why MindSoft is your perfect choice!

Logistics Tech Expertize

Our team collaborates with industry experts to provide the most powerful solutions. That’s why we assign engineers with proven experience to each project. As a result, we get a better insight into the area while you get an application that covers all your business challenges.

Efficient Solutions for Your Business

We implement effective navigational systems that help your logistics company reduce time and fuel expenses. Additionally, our logistics software development services guarantee you get productive management features. There’s always space for enhancement!

We Cover the Complete Development Process

Building the perfect solution involves a huge team of full-stack developers, designers, QA engineers, testers, and others. Luckily, MindSoft is a transportation software development company that works with the whole product lifecycle. Leave all the worry to us!

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