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It’s time to create your custom real estate website! MindSoft is a full-cycle web development company with enormous experience in the industry. We specialize in building solutions that help realtors and vendors do their job with ease.

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Main Features of a Real Estate Application

We implement all kinds of features during real estate app development. Therefore, our knowledge allows us to define the must-have functionality for similar software.

Listings and Database

First of all, you would want to add property listings to your software. That’s how people will see different offers while vendors will have the chance to promote their offers. Also, don’t forget about galleries and reviews!

Maps Integration

Having a map in your resource is obligatory. It allows users to see the precise location of a building, its surroundings, and other information about the place. Integrating one will provide a better experience for everyone.

Built-in Messaging

Once again, we speak of UX. Imagine that you are the user. Would you be happy if you had to quit the app each time you wanted to write a vendor or check a building’s data? A built-in messenger makes things much faster!


Don’t be tricked by the calendar’s simplicity. It’s an irreplaceable tool that is used for booking appointments and getting reminders. This leads to better convenience, and that’s what we aim to achieve with our real estate website solutions. This list is only the tip of the iceberg. Our specialists can add nearly anything to your software. It all depends on you.

Why Do You Need a Custom Real Estate Solution?

There are two types of software:

  • Out-of-the-box

  • Custom

The first option means pre-built applications that cannot be customized. It usually comes with a strict set of features and has no room for improvement. The second one is an app that is developed particularly for your company. So, if you want to create a real estate app with a large ROI and a specific set of functions, this is the right choice.

Real Estate App Development

MindSoft is an experienced real estate web & app development company with hundreds of satisfied customers. We set industry standards with our powerful apps that are:

  • Customer-oriented

  • Intuitive

  • Trendy, and more

If you need a solution that will help you achieve your business goals, MindSoft’s team is the right place. Our engineers know their job from tip to toe. Fill in the form now to start developing your project!

Real Estate Web Development

Have you made up your mind about creating a real estate listing website? MindSoft is well-known in the industry for developing unique and efficient sites. Our products are always:

  • User-friendly

  • Efficient

  • Secure

  • Fast

Collaborating with a real estate website development company like ours, you get maximum results at a reasonable rate. Send a request to get a quote!

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