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MindSoft is a professional software development agency that provides custom UI/UX design services. Our designers apply modern trends and deep research to lead your product to the top.

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How We Build Your UX

Our designers prefer to apply the Double Diamond UX methodology because it enhances efficiency. Check out the steps we cover below!

1. Stakeholder Interview

We start developing the design after interviewing the project's stakeholders. This step lets us get an understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations.

2. Competitor Analysis

After we discuss the project's requirements, we move on to the discovery phase. Our team determines weak spots in your competitor's products, ensuring your app or website has a better UX.

3. In-depth Interviews

During this stage, our specialists perform high-level research involving your potential users to determine the best way to create your UX. You can only provide a great user experience by including the target audience in the development.

4. Surveys & Questionnaires

The next step to create strong UX research is applying surveys and questionnaires. Once again, we involve potential users to get their feedback. It's valuable data that helps us build the perfect design.

5. Personas

Now that we have the base information about the audience's opinion, we create personas to see the user's needs and behaviors directly. This helps designers create a customer-centered product, resulting in better results.

6. User Flow

The next step in our research is creating a diagram representing a user's pathway when interacting with your website. It's an important element in optimizing the UX for better results.

7. Information Architecture

Now our task is to structure all our information in a comprehensible manner. It is a crucial part of optimizing a user's experience within your app. All information must be found easily and within several clicks.

8. Prototype Creation

Finally, we get to apply all our research to create a prototype. The data helps us develop a powerful design, making our services an irreplaceable feature within your app.

9. User Testing

The last stage is one of the most important in UX development. We get real users to test the app and determine whether the goals are achieved. If not, we perform a redesign considering all feedback.

How We Build Your UI

The user interface is another crucial part of your mobile app or web page. Luckily, our UI designers have expertise in this area as well, so they can bring a powerful solution for your company.

1. Design System

A design system is like a manual with all rules included. It is required for the designers to understand the direction in which they should move. Also, it simplifies the development process.

2. UI Kit

A UI kit includes all the styles and elements used in your web page and software. Our designers use it to speed up development, achieve great consistency, and systemize the whole web design.

3. Interaction

IxD or Interaction Design is an approach that focuses on the way users interact with software and websites. Our designers research the way your target audience would use the app, developing an efficient combination of elements.

4. Guidelines

There are hundreds of guidelines for developing robust UI design. At MindSoft, we have our own practices that are tested throughout many years of experience. The specialists tailor them for each project individually.

5. Documentation

Finally, we include all the features and decisions in the technical documentation, where we explain everything in detail. The team also writes down the resources involved in the development process.

Our Design Areas

MindSoft provides web & app design services for clients worldwide. We have an experienced team of designers who specialize in the following areas:

  • Mobile apps

  • Websites

  • Human-machine interfaces

  • And others

Their expertise isn't limited to creation. Our team can also help you with UI presentation, design support, and UX improvement.

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UI/UX Design Expertise

Our designers have been working in the industry for many years, providing services to various companies globally. They always monitor new trends and apply the best practices to develop strong UI/UX design.

Detailed Analysis

We always focus on developing quality. That’s why MindSoft’s web & app design services always bring excellent results. Detailed research and competitor analysis are our regular routine.

Customer-Centered Approach

Our team is only satisfied when their services bring powerful results. That’s why we develop and design your UI/UX until it reaches perfection. It’s our goal too!

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